Cell Phone Radiation and Male Fertility 手机辐射与男性生育力

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The use of cell phones and the effects of lonizing radiation on male fertility has become an health concern. Since cell phones are constantly being used across the globe and are often placed in the pockets of pants,mere centimeters from the testes,these phones are a very noteworthy topic.


Stopczyk demonstrated that radio frequency electromagnetic waves (RF-EMW) produced by cell phones significantly deplete SOD-I activity,thereby increasing the concentration of malo-nyldialdehyde (MDA) after 1,5,and 7 minutes of exposure in a suspension of human blood platelets (1).This team concluded that oxidative stress after exposure to microwaves may be the reason for many adverse changes in cells and could cause a number of systemic disturbances in the human body.

Stopczyk 证明手机产生的射频电磁波会在很大程度上消耗超氧化物歧化酶活性,使得丙二醛在暴露于人体血小板悬浮液的 1,5 和 7分钟后浓度增加(1)。该团队得出的结论是,暴露于微波后的氧化应激可能是细胞发生许多不利变化的原因,并可能导致人体出现多种全身性紊乱。

Various epidemiological studies proposed that cell phone usage might cause decreases in sperm count and other sperm parameters(2,3). A study by Friedman et al. revealed that cellphone radiation could lead to generation of ROS(4).Results showed a significant increase in ROS production and a decrease in sperm motility, viability, and ROS-TAC score in exposed semen samples. A possible explanation for the production of ROS is the stimulation of the plasma membrane redox system of spermatozoa due to this radiation. Furthermore, the electromagnetic wave-dependent decrease in melatonin can predispose sperm to oxidative stress,which as mentioned results in poor semen quality(5).

各种流行病学研究表明,使用手机可能会导致精子数量和其他参数下降(2,3)。 Friedman等人的一项研究揭示手机辐射可能导致活性氧的产生(4)。结果表明,暴露的精液样本中活性氧的产生显著增加,精子活力、存活性和活性氧-总抗氧化活性得分降低。产生活性氧的一个可能原因是这种辐射刺激了精子的质膜氧化还原系统。此外,电磁波依赖性的褪黑激素减少会使精子容易受到氧化应激的影响,而这会导致精液质量变差(5)。

Considerable research is still required to conclude the exact effects of cell phones on male fertility. The close proximity of cellphones to the testes in men is a factor that may increase the risks of radiation. Since cell phones are constantly sending and receiving data regardless of whether they are actually being operated at the time by the owner, men may be constantly exposed to potentially harmful waves that could have negative effects on their reproductive success.


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